Thoughtful Biometrics

Potential Outcomes

The followings are some ideas about potential outcomes in no particular priority order:

  • Awareness/education around biometric modalities, weaknesses/strengths, related issues (including civil liberty issues), regulations, technical challenges
  • Standards activities guidance, awareness, reports
  • Best practices, use cases (e.g., entry-exit systems, KYC/AML, etc.)
  • Regulations - global, regional, and national
  • Roadmaps (technical, legal - including civil liberty, business) for use cases and modalities (by this community and others organizations like the BI)
  • Futures - what is the envisioned “end state” for use cases, modalities, etc. over the next year, 5 years, 10 years?

If you have any other outcome ideas, please plan to attend and feel free to reach out.

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