Thoughtful Biometrics

Potential Topics

This is not the agenda - that will be co-created at 9am pacific/ noon eastern each day of the workshop by the participants based on their inspiration.

When attendees register we ask them about topics they would like to discuss and this is what they named.

Your topics and interests are also welcome please join us.

  • Biometrics in general!
  • Basic Introductory Biometrics topics. Totally new to that industry.\
  • 101 to Biometrics.
  • Open source code and open standards around biometric templates
  • Enrollment processes and other best practices
  • ways that people can aggregate, control and make use of the data they create with biometrics and other systems
  • using biometrics as an authentication mechanism in order to “unlock” an individual’s authorizations.
  • Data
  • Analytics + Biometrics + Identity
  • Biometrics in SSI (2)
  • A Contactless biometrics on standard/mid-quality phone camera + voice Homomorphic Encryption of biometrics
  • privacy & biometrics
  • Biometrics of infants and children
  • I am building a physician SSI decentralized application and we are using biometrics - we want to build it right Would love your help
  • Safe Biometrics for people who don’t own a device.
  • Biometrics in a NGOs & Government setting.
  • Ethical Biometrics and AI
  • Biometrics & SSI
  • Anything Identity / Biometrics
  • Biometrics used for authentication: fingerprint scanners, face unlock, vein scanners, iris scanners, near-infrared sensors, etc. Their applications. What makes them effective or not. What makes them secure or not.
  • Biometrics used for surveillance: facial recognition, gait recognition, centralized biometric databases, etc. Methods, subversion, and legal aspects.
  • Biometric education: fear of surveillance, local biometric evaluation, local and remote authentication, etc.
  • biometric auth distributed identity security
  • Infant biometrics;
  • ethics of biometrics;
  • getting to informed consent.
  • Biometrics, data retention and data aggregation
  • Surveillance Programs and Legal frameworks against coercion
  • usable security biometric data disclosure
  • What is the role today and what could the role tomorrow be of policy makers, at all levels of US and global government?
  • Biometrics for social good.
  • Biometrics that can be used to determine Race Gender and other intersectional characteristics
  • oversight and governance - who decides
  • Biometrics in the workplace
  • Biometric jurisdiction
  • How technical issues around biometrics can be distilled so that the general public in countries where new identity systems or other initiatives using biometrics can be better understood, debated, influenced, etc.